6 months away! Can’t tell whether to go with black or red though.


WHY aren’t all of tumblr freaking out about The Milk Carton Kids yet??

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Michigan | The Milk Carton Kids

Reminds me of “da UP”

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Holy shit, The Milk Carton Kids are coming to Nashville!

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Modest Mouse - Styrofoam Boots/It’s All Nice on Ice, Alright

"He said that God takes care of himself,

God takes care of himself

and you of you.”

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Q: They were rioting because they were being attacked by the police. They aren't monsters at all for being angry



I’m tired of people like you trying to justify violence, theft, and general asinine thuggery.

The riots broke out after a peaceful candle vigil quickly grew into a mass free-for-all like middle-aged moms at Pottery Barn on Black Friday.  Why?  Because the opportunity presented itself.


Rioters and looters smashed and grabbed at stores up and down the street, shot at police helicopters, as well as kicked and threw anything they could at passing police cars.  That’s when the police started sending in reinforcements.  It was in response to the violence happening all over the place; not the peaceful demonstration.  Use your brain.

Robbery is not a response to being attacked by police.  This was not about anger.  This was all about criminal opportunity.  It was a chance for people to vent their superfluous outrage, destroy property and steal whatever they could get their hands on.  Only a handful of the idiots that showed up to these protests even knew Michael Brown, let alone the facts of the situation.

Thank god not everyone is stupid.

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Because it’s just common sense for “peaceful protestors” to make and throw Molotov cocktails at law enforcement, loot stores, and burn down a gas station….right? I’m completely against the shooting of Mike Brown and think that there was no need for excessive force, but I’m getting pretty sick of all the tumblr tweens thinking that the Ferguson protests (or should I say riots?) are completely peaceful. Obviously the ones that take place during the day time are (these are your mothers, fathers, older people), but the edgy kids and young adults who are just looking for an excuse to destroy and steal shit from their own neighborhoods? I have no sympathy for them being year gassed and shot on by rubber pellets. This is bullshit, if you can’t behave civil, how can you expect to be treated like a human being?

Obviously this isn’t just about Brown, it’s about ingrained racial tension between a 2/3 black Ferguson and almost all white police force where racial discrimination has been rampart. All I have to say is that the day time protests are great, reasonable, and necessary! But the evening looting, burning, violence, and borderline riotous behavior is not acceptable - you’re just throwing all of Martin Luther King Jr’s work down the drain.

Now here comes the hate….

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Time to dream 


Watching the Lonesome Crowded West documentary for the 100th time

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Kevin Spacey is going to be on NPR? My month has just been made.

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Modest Mouse - Third Planet

The universe is shaped exactly like the earth if you go straight long enough you’ll end up where you were

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